Smoothie Recipe Ideas

Make sure to check out my post called “Smoothie Guide” to know how and when to use these drinks. Plus, that link will also give info on how much of all of these ingredients to use depending on your goals!

Jen Lyman getting spinach out of a bag to put into a smoothie


  • chocolate protein powder, blueberries, blackberries, almond milk, and chia seeds 
  • unflavored protein powder, mango, strawberries, coconut milk, hemp seed hearts, and baby kale
  • vanilla protein powder, peach, raspberries, skim milk, ground flax, and baby spinach

Pre-Weight Lifting

  • chocolate protein powder, banana, chia seeds, peanut butter, cashew milk , and baby kale
  • unflavored protein powder, mango, hemp seed hearts, coconut oil, coconut milk, and baby spinach  
  • vanilla protein powder, peach, ground flax, cashews, skim milk, and baby spinach
Jen Lyman pours frozen raspberries into blender with mango and flax seed to make a smoothie

Post-Workout GAINZ (muscle and weight)

  • chocolate protein powder, banana, and 2% milk
  • unflavored protein powder, strawberries, and chocolate milk
  • vanilla protein powder, peach, and cashew milk

Post-Workout Weight Loss

  • chocolate protein powder, banana, and cashew milk
  • vanilla protein powder, strawberries, and skim milk
  • unflavored protein powder, mango, raspberries, and almond milk

-Jen Lyman, RDN, LD, CLT

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