My top five fave snacks right now

My favorite snacks typically involve dairy because it’s a great balance of fat and protein that I can really easily pair with a carb so that I can feel satisfied and carries me over to the next meal. I’m pretty lactose intolerant, but cheese and yogurt are low enough in lactose that they don’t bother me. That’s also why I like Fairlife milk—it’s regular cow’s milk (Lactaid tastes sweet and weird to me) that’s had the lactose filtered out, which then also makes the macronutrient ratios really nice. 

Plate with crackers and bowl with cottage cheese
  1. Cottage cheese and Triscuits = salty goodness. I load my Triscuits HIGH with cottage cheese so that I get lots of satisfying fat and protein for a relatively low glycemic load of the crackers. I also buy full fat cottage cheese because it helps me feel full and satisfied. 
  2. Whole milk Greek yogurt and granola feeds my sweet tooth while still having nutrient density from the yogurt. Lately I’ve been really into raspberry yogurt with dark chocolate sea salt granola (check out my Aldi grocery list). Crunchy, creamy, sweet goodness right there.
  3. All Bran cereal and Fairlife milk because I have the taste buds of a 95 year old. I don’t know what it is about All Bran cereal, but I love it so much! The fiber keeps me really full and satisfied so I really don’t have to eat very much at all to carry me over until the next meal. 
  4. I randomly picked up Bada Bean Bada Boom (roasted broad beans that are seasoned) at the store the other day because they were on sale, and I am very impressed! I bought the garlic and onion flavor because savory sounded good to me at the time but they also have some sweet flavors as well. The macronutrients are wonderfully balanced and it’s a great source of fiber. 
  5. Kodiak Cakes with a light spread of peanut butter on top is another great option for when I need something sweet and am willing to spend a little bit of time to make it.  You could use FlapJacked, Pumped Up Pancakes, Met-Rx Pancake Mix, or whatever other protein pancake mix you find, Kodiak Cakes are just what’s in my pantry right now. I normally bump up the nutrient density by adding a scoop of flax seed and an egg to my batter and make it with milk instead of water. And if I need more sweetness I’ll add a little handful of dark chocolate chips as well.
Jen Lyman holding a bag of Bada Bean Bada Boom broad bean snack

PS: I’m not paid by any of the brands I mentioned

-Jen Lyman, RDN, LD, CLT

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