As registered dietitians and nutrition experts, we offer programs that are customized to truly put your needs first!

New Leaf Nutrition® was created to give you simple solutions. No more constantly being hungry. No more weight loss to just gain it all back. No more chasing the next fad diet. With me you get easy-to-understand, straightforward help. We'll identify goals that are mentally and physically healthy for you, and create a path to get you there. And that’s what makes us different than most other dietitians—when you work with us you get full access—we are here for YOU! Not sure which spaghetti sauce to buy? Send us a picture and we’ll tell ya. Need a grocery list? We’ll make it together. We are so happy to be right there with you, working through those daily challenges as a team. You are so much more than a number on a scale and you better believe we'll remind you of it.

Initial Consultation - free!

This free 15 minute call helps us determine if we're a good fit for you. If we're not, we help you find a dietitian who can better meet your needs. We can answer your questions and will gather your health insurance information at this time so that we can call them to learn about the benefits they offer. 

We know that what we eat is more complicated than a list of do's and don'ts. For individuals looking for a healthier balance with food, we provide personalized support to achieve individual goals though meal planning, calorie and macro counting, hunger/fullness training, and more! Our dietitians help clients identify the "why" behind their food choices so they can make lifelong, sustainable changes.

Nutrition Counseling

For people who want to approach hormone changes/difficulties from a holistic perspective, Alex uses DUTCH testing to not only identify which hormones are abnormal, but also to explain why. She then makes food, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations specific to the individual.

Hormone and Gut testing

Menu planning takes the guess work out of knowing what to eat by providing daily meals, snacks, and grocery lists that meet your specific needs. Customized menu planning can be added onto nutrition counseling services. If you'd prefer a discounted menu that addresses a specific calorie goal, disease state, or eating style, click here to see our downloadable options. 

Menu planning

For clients with chronic migraines, GI distress, and systemic inflammation who have tried conventional medicine with limited success. Jen utilizes the MRT blood test, which tests 170 foods and chemicals, to create an ImmunoCalm diet that is unique to each individual.

Food SENSITIVITY testing

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