Jen Lyman, dietitian and owner of New Leaf Nutrition wearing a sweater and holding a cup of coffee

Fat: the body’s savings account

I was watching a video the other day of a guy in the tropics digging an underground home and swimming pool into the rainforest floor. He was working really hard—carrying water, shoveling dirt, and installing beams—it was clear he was very functionally strong and had great endurance. And then I noticed he had a little […]


March 5, 2020

Smoothie Guide

There are so many smoothies that influencers SWEAR BY (spoiler alert: they want you to buy their sponsored product) and I am here to help you figure out which one is best for you based on your activity and goals.   First of all, do you neeeeeed a protein shake? Maybe not, but for me it’s […]


October 30, 2019