Gut Health & Immunity

So, we have already discussed the relationship between nutrition & immunity in a previous blog post. We reviewed how healthy lifestyle habits can have a positive impact on immune health – but today we will go a step further. The healthiness of our gut is also involved in keeping a strong immune system. Having the […]


March 5, 2024

The Brain-Gut Connection

Have you ever noticed how food choices can affect mood? We have! We continuously see clients have improved energy, mood & sleep once they begin to change lifestyle habits. It is amazing how different behaviors can affect our body in such drastic ways. How can this be, & why should you care? It all ties […]


February 16, 2024

What does “gut health” even mean?

It feels like the topic of gut health has been everywhere lately. It has arguably become the most popular nutrition & wellness trend. You may have heard terms such as microbiota, prebiotics, probiotics…. The list goes on. So, what is all the hype about, is there any truth to it? Our registered dietitians at New […]


January 26, 2024